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What is Mastodon?

Mastodon (長毛象)是一個自由、開放原始碼的社群網站。它是一個分散式的服務,避免您的通訊被單一商業機構壟斷操控。請您選擇一家您信任的 Mastodon 服務站,在上面建立帳號,然後您就可以和任一 Mastodon 服務站上的使用者互通,享受無縫的社群網路交流。

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Built for real conversation
With 500 characters at your disposal and support for granular content and media warnings, you can express yourself the way you want to.
You’re a person, not a product
Mastodon is not a commercial network. No advertising, no data mining, no walled gardens. There is no central authority.
Always within reach
Multiple apps for iOS, Android, and other platforms thanks to a developer-friendly API ecosystem allow you to keep up with your friends anywhere.
A more humane approach
Learning from failures of other networks, Mastodon aims to make ethical design choices to combat the misuse of social media.