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趁地震PTT telnet塞爆時推廣websocket安全方式連線超有效😂


China Spying on Undersea Internet Cables

"This shouldn't surprise anyone. For years, the US and the Five Eyes have had a monopoly on spying on the Internet around the globe. Other countries want in."

Why the U.S. got (and stayed) involved in Yemen's brutal war

'The authors write that "Washington initially overestimated its ability to shape coalition conduct and underestimated the devastation of the conflict it was helping enable." '

The Twilight of Combustion Comes for Germany's Empire of Engines

"Yet this slight battery-driven motor can outgun the combustion engine in BMW’s fastest performance car from a standstill at a traffic light."


‘China’s Manhattan’ Borrowed Heavily. The People Have Yet to Arrive.

A largely empty urban district struggling with billions of dollars in debt demonstrates the breakdown of the Chinese economic growth model.



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