ibus 要更新候選字視窗的游標位置的時候要整張 table 傳過去,好沒效率喔…

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Vala 開發者的第一堂課 (我自己遇到的):請在底線處填入適當表達式,讓程式編譯通過

int main() {
// see valadoc.org/gtk+-3.0/Gtk.init.
string[] argv = {"prog_name", null};
return 0;

我連一個 hello world 都寫不出來 ...


我現在還是搞不懂 `ref unowned string?[]` .___.

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One of the most interesting innovations that Twitter gave us which I don't think is appreciated enough is the ability to reference a human being by a single, globally unique identifier

Being able to say "I learned this from @..." or "This project by @... is really cool" is such a neat way to be able to interact with the world

It can be abused too, but I really loved that ability to reference other real humans

We get that on Mastodon too, but only for the people who've moved here so far!

把小麥注音從 fcitx 的框架拔出來之後,發現如果要塞進 ibus 就得要混合 C++ 和 C
好我知道為什麼沒有人想做這個ㄌ (



拿以前還在化學系的時候買的護目鏡來查 CNS 字號,赫然發現它除了 7 碼數字以外還多了一個英文字母,而且查出來跟手上的東西不一樣...?

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Enjoyed this post from Jim Nielsen: "Browsers, JSON, and FormData"

"A big impediment to moving away from SPAs is that we’ve collectively spent years building up an entire infrastructure of backend services which power the internet by communicating with browsers in JSON — a format that is not the default method of communication for web browsers. Browsers cannot communicate user actions over the network as JSON without the use of JavaScript. It’s impossible."