ibus-array 也是用 SQLite 而已,而且是讀 .cin 檔:




其實之後想要聚焦在搜尋、資訊檢索領域,才會看起 Lucene、寫輸入法 side project(正好就是一個具體而微的搜尋場景)啊!

以前都是紙上談兵、套用現成的工具,也沒好好認真至少寫過相關資料結構與演算法的 PoC 程式,只會夸夸而談反向索引、分詞、停用詞等一堆術語,如今浪子回頭,雖然不知道有沒有什麼好發展,但是至少自己會覺得踏實一點。

「我們本來不會輸給google的,卻不戰而敗」讀來令人難過,尤其是我真的體驗過 Openfind 的威猛。


(順道一提,Twitter 不讓我貼這篇,判定為機器人貼文…)

[問卦] 有沒有B咖搜尋引擎的八卦呀 ? - [PPT 短網址 / 文章閱讀 (BBS版)]

6月29日下午一點,在「趣工作」空間704室(台北市光復南路102號7樓),我們將舉辦一場 LibreOffice Hackfest。歡迎對 LibreOffice code 有興趣的朋友一起來參加。詳情與報名請先寄email到service@slat.org

drebrez got a 5.1.0 kernel (with minor patching) running on the Galaxy Nexus - and he started with nothing but forced reboots and kernel panics, then worked his way up to the display and earphone audio!

It's time to grab your favorite drink and celebrate this tale and a lot more with us in the two years of postmarketOS blog post:


Dear Tootdon users,

We decided to end the service of Tootdon for iOS / Android on July 7, 2019, in consideration of the usage situation of the app.

We sincerely apologize to the customers who enjoyed it, but thank you for your understanding.

You can continue to use the mastdon instance currently in use from Tootdon by accessing the website of that instance with Safari or Chrome browser, or using a client application other than Tootdon.


be excellent to each other