Someone will not like it. But I am for it. And for the ver first time I think Scomo is doing something right at the right time.

這個忙於不開心("令我不開心的事太多, 消化不及" 的意思)的感覺還真是神奇...


Of course Firefox have it's own cons but that will never out weight the potential impact to the world if only 1 rendering engine is to dominant.

Browsers with non-mainstream rendering engine will still be around, but they will never make a dent to the market share Chromium has.

But those are just good to have. At least most of them are.

When come down real deal, having different rendering engine is a must. Browser exploits for one will also benefit from single rendering engine.

The Chromium project is still largely at selected few's hand and it may become the vehicle to deliver someone's agenda forcing people in the ethical forks to comply etc. So far, nothing too bad happen but who knows what will happen one day.

This is why Firefox is so precise these day.

First, by using the same rendering engine, browsers still compete to each other. They simply just don't compete in the rendering engine arena.

Second, it is different from when IE was dominant. IE was close sourced. IE did whatever they want. IE favoured Microsoft (of cos). IE was hostile to other competitors. IE didn't grow (or just slow). In fact they can't technically compare (rendering engine vs browser).

There are more pros I can think of but you got the picture. I almost fall for it.

Firefox is the last popular browser that (DRM aside: that have their own rendering engine. The rest are all based on Chromium. I used to think this is really bad as Chromium monopolies the rendering engine world. But after I have read a couple of articles about worlds after everyone base on Chromium I couldn't help but think that's actually a viable option.

覺得自己動機不純. 昨晚發現一直以關心疫情為名不斷去尋找最真實的幸災樂禍的材料. 最惡質的是, 我會不斷思考材料的真假, 不會滿足於嘩眾取寵、有可疑或有反駁點的內容, 務求用最公正、無可反駁的方向找出可以置某些人於死地的材料才覺得甘心.


有很多日本人感染武漢肺炎, 而這些人最後在日本消失了, 原來是政府的陰謀. 要他們簽約賣身給政府進入福島核電廠的最中心執行任務, 因為機器進到最深處都會失靈. 最後發現政府一些驚天的秘密而最後起來對付腐敗的日本政府. 打完中boss之後到再到武漢要打到肺炎病毒, 而病毒的核心召集全世界的武漢肺炎病毒而變成最終boss. 主角在一輪嘴炮和熱血友情勝利的主角光環下最終打倒了最終boss. 可喜可賀!可喜可賀!


duke 轉嘟

卫生部长奥萨吉·埃哈内尔(Osagie Ehanire)在周五的简报中说,该病似乎不是埃博拉或拉沙热,这是西非曾经爆发过的两种可能致命的病毒。


「我們要言論自由」熱烈被刪!李醫生吹哨人事件令習體制分崩離析,20200208 via

“吹哨者”的悲歌。香港人如何笑對謠言?一個感人的口罩故事 via


手帶洗澡時拿去充電結忘記戴回去, 到公司才發現.🤦‍♂️ 白痴嗎?


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