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真心想哭, 每一個最後一週才拒絕我的人都令我覺得很痛. 理性不想去怪他們, 但感性覺得這些人令我很為難, 為何不早點說?

一生人都沒有多少對這些人有所求, 也不覺得他們拒絕我是多麼不對的事情. 但最起碼早點說, 晚說你們也覺得良心過意不去, 到底這對誰好?

說實話, 我真想發狂, 想開口去罵人...



In the world that's full of conflict, especially those that I care, my days go by very painfully. I almost can't smile or laugh from heart any longer than 2 seconds because the sadness and the tiredness overshadow my positive feeling quickly.

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I bought a ring with @Glamira_Diamond@twitter.com and it has obvious flaw so I sent back for repair. They had been slacking on processing my request. It's been 2 weeks+. This morning they don't even bothered to reply me email. Everyone please be careful with them!

I really can't handle conflict. Any conflicts or confrontations make me tired quickly, either they are directly or indirectly imposed to me.

沒有人發現我不開心, 太好了😧

Recently I put too much disclaimers before each sentence just to make sure my intention is communicated across. I just want normal conversions.

If someone don't respond to you the first time, maybe they are busy.

If someone don't respond to you the second time, maybe they are stupid.

If someone don't respond to you the third time, maybe they just hate you.

If someone don't respond to you the forth time, then YOU are stupid.

「每個人都是罪人 」— 聖⋯港版國安法

duke 轉嘟

Year progress: ▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒░░░░░░░░░░░ 49.5%



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