You walk into a café and you see me, tucked in one of the corners by the light. I have a green flip note opened and an empty cup on the table. I was probably writing earlier but now I am just doodling an overcomplicated machine with a six-handed clock entangled with the stems of an almost-plant. My second cup arrives and I say thank you as I see you and fumble to stand up to greet. Hello.

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Want to help out with development of Toot!? I have been doing some large internal rewriting, and probably introduced some exciting new bugs in the process, so I thought it might be best to do a public beta for this version to shake them out a bit before release.

The link to join the beta is here: testflight.apple.com/join/x0Mb

Only join if you are happy to deal with some bugs! Or, if you want a free trial of Toot! and don’t mind a potential bug or two.

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game industry, localisation (+) 

I remember a time when localisation was often not listed under game development - sometimes even omitted entirely, but I am happy that this is happening less these days.

Image source: Hitmarker.net

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ph (-), mh (+) 

As is tradition (?) I've caught a cold near the end of my long LNY break... Everything is kind of a blur atm.

Mentally though, I am in a good place. It has been a good rest, and I feel recuperated and ready to go!

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gaming (~) 


今晚要辦春節抽獎活動;然後開小寶寶團,讓大家多湊點裝。抽獎活動是去年開始辦的,參考了其他公會的作法。今年有幹部幫忙採購禮物,省了不少工作。我用藍色條紋紙把禮物包好。獎品主要是金幣,但骰到 90 以上或 10 以下可以選擇換成包好的禮物。骰到 1 可以拿到半年的遊戲時間,應該是不錯的安慰獎

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Toot! 的通知模式下藏了幾款放鬆小遊戲。仔細一看,是象友的頭像!好可愛啊啊啊

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There is an occasionally fine - but always scientific line between inductive reasoning and clickbaitesque writing, and the article has crossed the line. My initial reaction was, “Wha... How did you come to that conclusion?” But my annoyance quickly superseded curiosity, as I started to examine the intent. The intent matters. At least to me, it does.

sss (+) 

I find myself humming to the tune of remember me on the bus.

Nvidia broadcast ec (? - no image), AI (+-) 

Nvidia broadcast can now enable eye contact - I feel like it levels some playing field for people who have trouble keeping eye contact that was twisted in the first place. OTOH - I don’t feel so good. eye contact is important info. I would get so many wrong signals with this enabled.

religion, death (+) 

Every year, around the first few days of the lunar year, dad would drive us to visit our grandparents. He would take a few minutes to find the niches. He would say the prayers with his hands clasped and eyes closed, and then touch the names lightly afterwards, recounting the dates. And then we would drive off to dine together - seafood or steak. I am not Christian, but I like that he is.

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subtoot (-) 

I think it is disgraceful to suggest closing registration to an instance that is already doing their best moderating between power outages caused by war and invasions. People could be relying on that instance being open to find family and friends lost to war. Yes, hate speech is vile and terrible, but this is cold af.

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work, mh or ph (~) 

I seem to only realise how tired I am when long holidays begin. It is not that I don’t try to pace myself - and I have super supportive bosses, so it is really not about workload. I feel like it has something to do with time zones, working in a global role and/or global setting. I can make my best effort insulating work from life, but it still feels like something is always on, and I am always playing catch ups.


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