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‘I can't be silent’: Many residents will find their own way this week to mark the 31st anniversary of Chinese troops opening fire on protesters in Tiananmen Square after Hong Kong canceled the vigil for the first time in three decades reut.rs/2ZZWeNS

Links 2/6/2020: New Firefox Release (77), Debian-based MX Linux 19.2, KDevelop 5.5.2, GNU/Linux Growth on Desktops/Laptops techrights.org/2020/06/02/kdev

Tor Browser 9.5 released:


– "This new Tor Browser release is focused on helping users understand onion services."
– Based on FF 68.9.0esr.
– Many components were changed. See the link above for the full changelog.

#tor #torbrowser #webbrowser #anonymity #privacy

Tails 4.7 (Tor-focussed operating system) released:


– Updates for Tor Browser (9.5), and Thunderbird (68.8.0).
– Bug fixes and minor changes.

#tails #tor #torbrowser #privacy #anonymity

#ICYMI: Ratri Anindyajati suffered a torrent of abuse on social media after she, her sister and her mother became the first Indonesians to catch Covid-19 buff.ly/2xLkgQZ  twitter.com/SCMPAsia/status/12
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These activists in Taiwan are protesting Beijing’s national security law for #HongKong and urging Taipei to help Hongkongers seeking refuge sc.mp/txjk9  twitter.com/scmpNews/status/12
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