Donald #Trump Helped #BillGates Increase His Wealth by More Than 50%, Especially During the #Pandemic • 🆃🅴🅲🅷🆁🅸🅶🅷🆃🆂 ☞ http://techrights.org/2020/10/25/donald-trump-and-bill-gates/ •●• #Techrights #Google

No surprise to hear that #BoJo wants to wait for the #election results in the #UnitedStates before taking a decision on a no-deal #Brexit.
If his best buddy #TrollandDump gets another term to act as a global wrecking ball, BoJo will opt for full brinkmanship. If not, he will turn into a constructive counterpart in the ongoing negotiations with the #EU.

How to bring this crazy year full of changed plans and cancellations to a good end?

Why not take a trip to a country that has got a proper hold on #Covid19, accept the 14-days #quarantine that comes with being allowed in and then ride around the country on a bicycle?
Currently sorting out the details for a one-month trip (including the quarantine) to #Taiwan. Would be great if things worked out. #cycling

FLOSS Desktops for Kids helps under-served students access technology by building their own open source powered computers. They provide hands-on learning through #opensource tools and development platforms like GIMP, GoDot.org, IDLE, and more!

They also provide program managers (schools, clubs, and community organizers) with recommendations for resources, building communities, and addressing concerns.

Learn more about this #GNOMEChallenge project on their wiki: wiki.opensource.org/bin/Workin

The Recording Industry Association of America, Inc. (#RIAA) and its member record companies issued a #DMCA takedown notice to #Github for hosting the #Git repositories of the popular #CLI tool #YoutubeDL, primarily because of the claimed intentional circumvention of #YouTube's 'rolling #ciphers'. As a result Guthub has disabled public access to the repository.
The #takedownNotice can be read at github.com/github/dmca/blob/ma
#PyPi's #Python package remains available: pypi.org/project/youtube_dl/

On Wednesday the EU Commission published its new Open Source Strategy. We are pleased that the Commission recognises the benefits of #FreeSoftware and the four freedoms to use, study, share and improve, but the commission lacks concrete targets and indicators to implement the strategy. Without these, we worry that the strategy will end up accomplishing too little!

Read more: fsfe.org/news/2020/news-202010

EU Open Source Policy: good analysis, missing concrete next steps | Tux Machines ☞ tuxmachines.org/node/143573

PostmarketOS update brings HDMI support for the PinePhone and PineTab | Tux Machines ☞ tuxmachines.org/node/143587


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