kinmen.altervista.org/node/210 La storia segreta della 45ª divisione di Láo Shēng-huán ed il suo ruolo nella battaglia di Gǔníngtóu - 勞聲寰將軍的四十五師在古寧頭


Dopo mesi di studio e ricerche, ho finalmente terminato il mio ultimo articolo: La battaglia di Gǔníngtóu - 古寧頭之役 - Battle of Kuningtou kinmen.altervista.org/Battle_o

RT @BlogKerim: High Court rules mask ban law is unconstitutional t.co/OAR4OI80iZ

RT @BlogKerim: Hundreds Remain Trapped on Hong Kong Polytechnic University as Police Siege Continues t.co/mjtz3bhs7M

Woah, things are heating up for citizens of #Switzerland residing in #China: The Swiss government has confirmed that it plans to extradite a Chinese national to the #UnitedStates for infractions of relevant war material laws. This might easily lead to arbitrary retaliations by China against Swiss citizens. We've seen this shit happen before with Canada. Keep in mind there is no such thing as the #RuleOfLaw in China...

Il motivo principale per cui non faccio più il sistemista, è il non dover avere a che fare con tutti quegli informatici da dopolavoro che credono di sapere tutto solo perché lavorano nello stesso posto da anni. Pubblici e privati. Fenomeni da baraccone.

**Indonesia: Mass arrests after IS-linked suicide bombing**

"Indonesian police have arrested at least 43 suspected militants in relation to an attack on a police station last week. A suicide bomber with alleged links to "Islamic State" killed himself and wounded six others."


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"History will bear witness to our struggle. We are on the right side of history,” a protester in #polyU said. The campus is now under siege, #hkpolice announced they will use live ammunition, and #Tiananmen2019 is on stage. The world must not be silent.

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Doctors, nurses, first aiders are being arrested and treated like prisoners of war. Where are all the iNGOs? Can we do something on it?
This is unacceptable in any standards. The internstional community have to ACT. People could die without proper treatment.

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@business@twitter.com Police fire water cannons as hundreds of protesters barricaded inside Hong Kong Polytechnic University hurl firebombs back at them #HongKongProtests #香港 #PolyU

Updated the galleries Costruzioni militari Kinmen Maggiore - 大金門的碉堡據點坑道 AND Costruzioni militari Jīnmén Minore - 小金門的碉堡據點坑道 kinmen.tk/index.php?/category/ + kinmen.tk/index.php?/category/

RT @BlogKerim: NTNU Professor’s Detention Suggests Further Cases of Cross-Straits Kidnappings by China t.co/lShR2cR4O5

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Our PolyU students😔🙏🏻
They sleep in the battleground and dare not taking off their masks. Please support them.🥺💛
#PolyU #HKprotesters #HKPoliceTerrorists


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