OpenSSH 8.0 available:

– contains mitigations for an scp vulnerability (CVE-2019-6111)
– adds experimental post-quantum key exchange method, based on a combination of Streamlined NTRU Prime 4591^761 and X25519
– increases the default RSA key size to 3072 bits
– includes several bug fixes

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China may have recently demolished a Uighur mosque as old as Notre Dame

"What can I use to encrypt my Linux filesystem?":

– LUKS/LVM supports full-disk encryption (and optionally 2FA)
– ext4 supports folder-based encryption
– eCryptFS/encfs are outdated/unmaintained
– GoCryptFS uses modern crypto but leaks metadata
– CryFS uses modern crypto and hides metadata but is slower than GoCryptFS

Thanks to Mr. Schumacher from Magdeburger Institut für Sicherheitsforschung

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"Is LineageOS without Google apps 100% Google-free?": No, it isn't.

– some LOS services like NetworkMonitor still connect to Google (
– some settings like the phone's DNS server can still send data to Google
– besides, LOS, many apps, and the whole internet heavily rely on libraries, protocols, and standards (e.g. HTTP/2, Certificate Transparency) developed by Google, so there will never be a "100% Google-free something" for average users

I wonder why on Mastodon there are only and official accounts among the DE...🤔

Congrats to the @ubuntu team on their new 19.04 'Disco Dingo' release, sporting the latest and greatest GNOME software! If you've been chomping at the bit to try GNOME 3.32 on Ubuntu, now's your chance. Go grab it while it's hot!

It's amazing how rich people get all sentimental about an old church and manage to donate multiple hundred millions of Euros within a day of such a disaster.

I mean, I applaud those donations, I really do. It's just baffling to me how your priorities allow you to care more about an old building than human people suffering from social injustice all around the globe and even in your direct neighborhood.

Facebook :facebook: always in the news. This time: Millions of passwords of Instagram users stored in plaintext:

– millions of plaintext passwords of Instagram and Facebook users were accessible to Facebook
– besides, Facebook stored 1.5 million records of users without their consent or knowledge

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Stop listening to promises that companies will do things right.. Use encryption and open source


Facebook scraped email contacts of 1.5 million users


KDE Applications 19.04 is out! The bundle comes with improvements and exciting new features for Okular, Gwenview, Konsole, Kate, Spectacle, Kontact, and many, many more.


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LibreOffice 6.2.3 is here! It includes over 90 bugfixes and compatibility improvements, thanks to our worldwide community and certified developers. Learn more, download it and support our project with a donation:

6.1 earthquake in Hualien. No victims but damages in Taipei too. MTR shut down.

Where did LibreOffice come from? What happened to its predecessors, and StarOffice? Discover the rich history of the software on our timeline!

Last week we found out Amazon had recruited thousands of people to listen in on your interactions with Alexa. We want Amazon to step up but in the meantime here is how you can change your settings:

The Privacy for All Act is an important step toward better online privacy in America. We’ve joined 23 other tech companies to endorse it.

Online shops and marketers routinely share customer data with Facebook. Turns out: in many cases this could now be illegal.

@netzpolitik_org reports on a ground-breaking decision by the Bavarian Data Protection Authority on Facebook CustomAudience

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