kinmen.altervista.org/node/210 La storia segreta della 45ª divisione di Láo Shēng-huán ed il suo ruolo nella battaglia di Gǔníngtóu - 勞聲寰將軍的四十五師在古寧頭


Dopo mesi di studio e ricerche, ho finalmente terminato il mio ultimo articolo: La battaglia di Gǔníngtóu - 古寧頭之役 - Battle of Kuningtou kinmen.altervista.org/Battle_o

Solus Linux Creator Ikey Doherty Enters the Game Dev Business With a New Open Source Game Engine tuxmachines.org/node/134591

Keep in mind #SunYang had been suspended for #doping in 2014. At the age of 28, he's a repeat offender and has been suspended for 8 years now - so he's eligible to return in 2028. Dopers are rotten , repeat offenders are somewhere between shameless and moronic. #swimming #China

On this particular day, my thoughts go out to all those who perished or suffered at the hands of the #KMT's authoritarian rule in #Taiwan and the crackdown after the #228incident known as #whiteterror. This is a crucial day for #civicrights and #humanrights in #FarEast, really. #neveragain

Despite the attempts of the #KMT to put a lid on the topic, the crackdown that followed the #228incident has left deep divisions within #Taiwan's society, notably between people who lived on Taiwan under Japanese rule and new arrivals due to the Chinese civil war. If you're not familiar with this, go browse for #waishengren. And for #WhiteTerror, while you're at it. Or better yet: Read George Kerr's #FormosaBetrayed or Peng Ming-min's «A Taste of Freedom». #228memorial

We are participating in an alpha test by Open Collective to allow donations to our collective via Bitcoin.

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As #Wuhan-style restrictions have been extended to the capital of #Beijing, the #CCP's celebration of its own wisdom and power known as the #TwoSessions had to be postponed - a political blow to and a loss of face for #XiJinping.

Also, food prices in Beijing have gone up by 40%, with beef even doubling in price. Pork meat has been scarce and expensive anyway due to the #AfricanSwineFever killing substantial parts of #China's livestock. But hey, I'm sure all is fine. #Coronavirus #Covid19

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"The rise of all-seeing smart camera networks is an alarming development that threatens civil rights and liberties throughout the world."

Mass surveillance by cameras is not the solution for more security. It takes away your freedom.


#matters + #likecoin 真是很棒的機制,鼓勵個人寫作+公民讚賞的平台合作主義啊,IPFS + blockchain coin,#likecoin 也擴散到香港許多優秀的媒體組織,甚至在medium以及個人的wordpress也能使用,華人世界也只有香港能夠做出來吧。這才是對Geert Lovink 的unlike批判思考的正面推進。 #platformcoop

⚠️ #Mastodon v3.1.2 is out with an important security fix:


Likewise, v3.0.2 and v2.9.4 have been released to port this fix to older versions.

The Linux Foundation is Deeply Committed to Diversity and Inclusiveness (as Long as You Have Perfect Vision and Use 'Big Browsers' That Spy) techrights.org/2020/02/27/incl

No More WhatsApp! The EU Commission Switches To ‘Signal’ For Internal Communication

Update on the spread of the #Wuhan-type #Coronavirus in #China and beyond:
The number of new cases in China reported on a daily basis has grown again today - so there is no pattern of a slow-down yet.
The number of cases in #SouthKorea, #Japan and #Italy is worrying.
#Covid19 is also spreading in the Gulf region, namely in #Kuwait and #Bahrain.
But the stable genius claims higher temperatures will kill the critter come April, so we're safe and all is fine.

LibreOffice 6.4.1 is now available! It includes 80 bugfixes and compatibility improvements – learn more and download it: blog.documentfoundation.org/bl

[伊甸基金會推文] @edenfortaiwan@twitter.com: 「RT @UNICEF@twitter.com: This is one of the first defenses against : wash your hands regularly with water and soap. 🎥 @USATODAY@twitter.com 」


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