@opensuse #youtube page just added a new tutorial video about making Quality Assurance tests for your software project. Grab a coffee and follow along to learn about #openQA youtu.be/_JvqVrBjmIU?t=173

One must be utterly stupid to believe they can prioritize the economy over controlling the pandemic...
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Uh-oh. Looks like it may be time to mask up again. An engineer has been in Taiwan for 3 months, & tested positive for Covid-19 just as he was getting ready to fly back to his home country. No one is sure where he contracted it or how long he has had it.


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[台灣紅十字會推文] @TAIWAN_REDCROSS@twitter.com:「 🇹🇼 Red Cross organized CPR+AED for young ! Teaching children to lend a 👭 to those in need 🆘 is important. is for everyone. 」

Media greatly harms public health any time it associates a serial criminal like #billgates with response (for profit of course) to #covid19 and 'reporters' who do this should be held accountable at least verbally
#google is sponsoring people to work on #python and they then outsource their code to #ProprietarySoftware prison of #microsoft (harming Google in the process). Teach them better. https://blogs.python-gsoc.org/en/lenixlobos-blog/weekly-check-in-week-10/

Do you know where the food you eat comes from?

In #CountdownToDestruction, Brazilian actress Alice Braga explores the links between the food we eat, the destruction of the world's forests and vital ecosystems and the climate crisis.
Watch, take action > act.gp/2CCJWlb

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Looks like Google is trying to gain even more control in the open source world. Don't ever give away your rights to them.


[台灣紅十字會推文] @TAIWAN_REDCROSS@twitter.com:「 It’s Friday! 😎 ⛱️ 🍹 Are you going on vacation? 🌴 Remember to: 💡 😷 💡 💡 Watch your ↔️ 」

New video by Amnesty International Taiwan: 【沙烏地阿拉伯】人權鬥士盧加茵仍深陷囹圄 youtu.be/jmMLtyaHi08


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