When you use Signal you can export backups of your messages and media to reimport them later to signal (on another phone or after a reset). But obviously you might want to switch away from signal completely at some point in future, but keep your conversations. There is an interesting little golang application that allows to extract the data from Signal backups when you have the backup password:


@sheogorath I tried this a while back, but i wasn't able to figure out how it's supposed to work. If it works for you, would you consider blogging about it?

@sheogorath (or at least: is it correct that there's not a simple "export" and everything is done command? I never got the result I expected in one try.)

@amenthes Sounds like a project worth documenting, yes. Worked out for me. I'll write something tonight or tomorrow 👍

@sheogorath how do you find these interesting things? So cool!

@yolo This one was probably just interest, good timing and the right search term :D

In most other cases it's just news feeds ^^

@sheogorath It’s very helpful tool. I used it once to restore my signal conversations when backup import just broke and I couldn’t restore my messenges. It was workaround way but worked, possibility to move chats to another messaging service it’s also very nifty.

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