I actually like the movie more than most of the critics out there.

It feels like fictions by Richard Matheson where human beings are subjected to impossible situation and decisions. Sort of like "The Old Man and the Sea" in space, if you know what I mean.

I get why people don't like it. All characters are brilliant and controlled. Emotions are suppressed. Decisions are rational. Situation is depressing.

Not some regular over-dramaticized space opera blockbusters with a happy ending.


Let's just say I'm OK to see a tragedy. And for a tragedy, this one is not sad for the sake of sadness.

is a story about courage and compassion in an unforgiving environment and a hopeless situation.

It's a very human story for Sci-fi lovers. It's both tragic and beautiful. It doesn't spell everything out for you, so you'd need to know some basics about space missions to enjoy it. If you are both a space-nerd and drama-loving person, I'd highly recommend it.


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