@pallgone@linuxrocks.online One of the biggest problems these complaints about ReCaptcha have is that most of them are not constructive.

If you want someone to replace Google's captcha service from their web page, try to provide them an alternative that achieves (almost) the same without being a Google service.

Simply because from a technical and financial perspective most alternatives are either expensive or not efficient.

And expensive for most private web pages often means everything is not gratis.

@sheogorath @pallgone That's like saying, "If you don't like being punched in the face, please give me an alternative place to kick you."

Some of us prefer not being punched at all.

@blocknonip @pallgone@linuxrocks.online

Well, captchas try solve a problem. Preventing bots from abusing a service. That's definitely a valid use case. The alternative is dropping suspicious traffic completely.

For example, your, for sure 😉, "best friends" at Cloudflare decided to implement captchas instead of simply dropping traffic. Because captchas are cheap, efficent and just work.

I'm not sure if you would prefer it when these pages simply drop tor-exit traffic completely.

@sheogorath all of that, and most except from googles are not screen reader friendly and don’t let blind users in.

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