If you ever wondered why some people like this "unbelievable complicated" editor vim on their systems, or you started to use vim because everyone said it's cool but your currently breaking your fingers and can't wrap your head around it, this is an awesome answer on StackOverflow helping you:

"Your problem with Vim is that you don't grok vi."


@sheogorath ganz ehrlich, ich liebe vim, vor allem weil man alles wirklich super schnell mit der Tastatur machen kann. Cc @lilo

Well, since vim is based on vi which is based on ex which then again is from a time where there was only a keyboard, this shouldn't be surprising to you.

Keyboard-only applications aren't new or innovative, they are usually well rested since they are either by idea or by actual code, older than most/all other applications.


Regular expressions are fundamental. Teach them starting in pre-school. :)

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