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TLS is everywhere around us and the modern Internet impossible without.

If you are interested in how it works in detail, here is an awesome explanation:

"The Illustrated TLS Connection: Every Byte Explained"

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After configuring OAuth2 for CodiMD, I tried the same for GitLab. It's not straightforward, so I wrote down what I learned:

UNIX loves files. And files love UNIX.

Here are some ways to read files from your filesystem.

Ever heard of tac? No, then have a look ^^

"Command line quick tips: Reading files different ways"

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You're in any way involved in CodiMD? As a user? As a contributer? As an admin? We have a lot of issues marked "discussion". Yes, you're entitled to discuss, too!
Here's one:

🤔 Mhm, sometimes I wonder what people expect when they write things like "privacy advocate" or being "into infosec" in their profile description.

If you are one of these people, I would be actually interested in why you wrote it there. Is it something that makes you, you? Or is it more to find like-minded people? Or do you just think it's cool to have it written there?

Today we made the logos for , and more available in CodiMD.

We switched from FontAwesome which provides a lot more icons of open source projects.

We are also about to build better support to make them accessible into CodiMD.

Feel free to try it out on and give some feedback. Either here or directly on GitHub or our Matrix channel

Interesting article, even when it's 15 years old, the things mentioned in there are still true.

Talking about the differences between the "Windows-culture" and the "Unix-culture".

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We're happy to learn #Tagesschau (German public-service TV news) having their own #F-Droid repo:

It features their official app and is a great move towards user rights and freedom. Sadly the app isn't free and open source software, although it's financed by taxpayers’ money.

If it is public money, it should be public code as well. #PublicCode

We'll start the community call in 10 minutes, feel free to join us!

We'll review the last release, talk about the next release, and talk about community organisation :)

No plans for tonight?

How about talking about CodiMD?

Our community calls starts at 6pm UTC tonight (so from this toot in around 5 ½ hours).

We want to hear your feedback and ideas, discuss some details and have a great time together 😃

Hint: One point are social media accounts which includes Mastodon.

All details can be found here:

This is a very nice article about commenting code. It even inspired me to add some commenting guide thinking about commenting guidelines for our codebase:

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Today marks the first anniversary of #Mastodon! 🎂

What's your favorite Mastodon memory so far? 🐘 Share them with the hashtag #MastodonMemory!

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"The user manual contains some significant errors. Most of these are due to last minute changes to achieve a greater degree of compatibility with IBM's implementation of MS-DOS (PC DOS). This includes the use
of "\" instead of "/" as the path separator, and "/" instead of "-"
as the switch character."

it's always kind of interesting when you encounter a fossil trace of someone's Giant Mistake as it happened.

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Now that the #Linux app is launched, I'm looking to build native apps for #macOS and #Windows next.

I already started on the macOS app (written in #Swift), but I need help polishing the UI and packaging it up. For the Windows app, I'm not sure where to start. So I'm looking for #developers that can help with either!

If you're interested, feel free to send me a message. Otherwise please pass it along to anyone you know!

Also, these are paid #FOSS projects. All code will be #GPL-licensed.

I just merged support into . 🎉

This means we have now authentication providers available.

You can try it on

Searching for low-hanging Hacktoberfest fruits?

Here you can have one:

All you need to do is collecting some nice CSS hacks. Lots of them are in issues in the repositories. Half of the document is already written, you can just finish it.

When that's not low hanging, I don't know what is.

Go for it!

First discussions start about PR.

Feel free to join the discussion!

The idea is to detect obvious of AGPL violations for production setups by verifying that the URL given as repository is available to CodiMD and provides the commit which CodiMD is running right now.

(To achieve this we try to access the commit tree on GitHub and fail if GitHub response with 403 or 404)

Share your thoughts!

I just wrote a little patch for CodiMD that tries help to enforce AGPL.

When you run an instance you have to link to the sources you build it from. With the patch CodiMD checks if the provides repository information exists by trying to access it.

It's not perfect, but I hope it spreads enough awareness that people keep their changes online available so AGPL can do, what AGPL should do :)

Feel free to discuss it with me!

Since there are various people on Mastodon who use screen readers, I would be interested to hear of your experience on

Is it usable? Do you miss something?

I'm not a screenreader person and I'm not sure we have users with screenreaders, but I think it would be nice to make sure CodiMD is accessible :)

Not sure how many people of my followers use screen readers 🤞 there is at least one person reading it

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1. when something lacks documentation and you need to read the code to know how it works
Related Topics: "Works for me", "RTFM", "you could always put in some work yourself"