Given that those stats are correct, more than 70 percent of all users in the fediverse (at least the Mastodon part of it) is based instances with more than 5000 users. Which are (based on the same stats) 24 instances.

Agreed, the stats are might not correct and things can look completely different in reality, but given they are correct, it's a bad sign.


Looks like Nextcloud and the Fediverse will soon fall in love with each other.

They are working on their "social" app that provides ActivityPub support (which means integration with all ActivityPub-based social medias).

Check it out on GitHub:

So apparently the SRA in the UK will require you to embed a badge on your website when you provide legal services:

After a quick look from some security researchers, it's a horrible solution, using scripts and iframes without any security option and will provide the IP address of every visitor who may searches online for legal services to the SRA:

🙄 <-- Me when I visit a website that has HTTPS deployed but includes images from HTTP sources.

Just thought again: What's the alternative to Let's Encrypt?

It's nice to have a CA that provides certs for free, but it would be even better to have an alternative to that.

Friendly reminder about the upcoming community call of CodiMD on Sunday.

Feel free to join us and meet the community. We'll talk about the current state of CodiMD, future development and of course listen to your story.

Seems like it's quite complicated to write an ORM. Looking at Golang and Rust turns out to be quite imperfect in this perspective. Some libraries are unable to decleare relationships between data, others are just query builders that are quite close to writing raw SQL queries and finally they either lag on migration tooling or do this in plain SQL.

Which is quite annoying when you want to support 3 different db dialects (psql, mysql, sqlite).

I'm open for suggestions.

I’d tell you a Fibonacci joke, but it’s probably as bad as the last two you’ve heard combined.

Wow, after years GitHub made it to provide a "Releases only"-watch option.

Right now, as soon as you watch a repository you get mails for every issue and PR that is opened, commented, closed, merged, …

This new option allows you to get only notified on releases. I'm confused that it took them so long to make this happen, but now that it's there 🎉

So use it to get informed about new CodiMD releases! 😉

I guess many people around know SemVer. The versioning that tell you when things breaks and resulting in version numbers like 2.1.5.

There is also something called CalVer. You may know it from Ubuntu or Docker as it generates version numbers like 2018.06.2

What does your project use and why?

CodiMD is already fully translated into 7 languages.

None of the incomplete languages is missing more than 13 translations.

If you have some time and want to help people around the world to write their notes in markdown:

Tip for procrastination: Mozilla Voice.

When you search something to do, you could watch videos on YouTube or Peertube, or you could do something useful and help to generate voice samples to help everyone to be become independent from Google's text-to-speech and speech-to-text technologies.

I recommend this article by Mark McGranaghan about latency in software and what effect it has to users (you and me):

98 people I follow, 324 people who follow me and 1419 toots on one side.

36 blocked people, 158 muted people and 12 hidden domains on the other hand.

Somehow I like the Fediverse and it's people but at the same time, a lot of things are "too much" for me and I have to kick them out of my timelines.

But I guess that's the price of a social media that is focused on being free and respecting privacy instead of trying to monetize the users.

Making TOTP more user friendly?

Setup KDEConnect on your Smartphone, install GSConnect-extension on your Gnome.

In GSConnect setup a shortcut for pulling the clipboard from your paired smartphone.

Next time you are asked for your TOTP key, open the app, click on the "copy to clipboard"-button, use the shortcut you set for pulling the clipboard, paste it the TOTP field. 🎉

Faster and easier without breaking any security.

We want to make CodiMD version 1.3.0 the best translated release we ever had, so please help us to achieve that.

To help translating CodiMD just join us on POEditor via:

It's 5 minutes of work and may helps hundreds of people.

Many people look pessimistic into the future. Don't.

When you always do your best and push the society with your own influence towards a better society, you'll arrive in the best future you could make and that's not a reason to be sad.

When everyone works on making the world a better place, we will have an awesome future 👍

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Just subscribe or look into the RSS feed. You get the whole article on your device, no JS needed and you are automatically notified. And once you are done with reading, you can just yell at me here on Mastodon.


be excellent to each other