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Fixed the mobile layout on the Mastodon Blog!
It might be a small change, but I'm quite content with this :D

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as a reminder, be aware that websites now install javascript you have no awareness of into your browser and run it in the background, also without your awareness.

in firefox, if you go to about:debugging and click "workers" you can see all the javascripts running in the background on your firefox for the benefit of others
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Thoughts on #Nextcloud é¡¯ç¤ºæ›´å¤š

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Wow! #PeerTube funding campaign just raised to 42%! \o/
Only 15 days left to meet our goal, so keep on sharing and #JoinPeertube

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Hey #FreeSotfware lovers!

We need you to help us grow #PeerTube into the YouTube alternative it can become.

Spread the word about #JoinPeertube, and fund the development of important features on

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Deployed a change to If you look at Preferences now, instead of having to opt-out of all languages you don't speak, you can opt into only the languages that you do speak.

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I'm opting out our family from this bollocks, given that the NHS has already been sharing patient information with Google Deepmind, etc.

Working on moving more than 60 repositories from GitHub to an independent GitLab instance.

A lot of work to do. Re-building the CI chain from Travis-CI to Gitlab-CI, deprecating old repositories, Inform users by changing the README, archive the repository, rework the README on the GitLab instance, and so on.

It's a lot of work, but it's worth it.

Feel free to join, star and contribute!

Something fundamental about software development:

If you want a feature, don't tell why you need it. Convince the developers that they want this feature.

Why a developer may wants a feature? It's fun to build, it pays bills, it makes him feel fulfilled.

When someone doesn't implement a feature you want, it doesn't mean the developer is a bad person, it simply means that he or she doesn't have the point of view on a problem and don't think it's worth to implement it *RIGHT NOW*.

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Wikimedia on the community burden of Article 13 é¡¯ç¤ºæ›´å¤š

For those who run bigger tor setups, a little recommendation:

Enterprise Onion Toolkit - A little toolbox containing documentation, video tutorials and scripts to get a scalable onion setup for bigger pages. The example uses various wikipedia sites that provided as onions.

🤔 becoming a OSI member, buying GitHub, contributing to Openstreetmap, what's next? Publish the Windows kernel under a free license?

Microsoft recently invested a lot of money in free software and related projects. I really welcome that :)

Want to improve your TLS setups?

Have a look at

It provides a bunch of example configs for you to adapt :)

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Everybody is hyping #AI as it would be the great new thing, but this was 43 years ago:

"Sussman employed Stallman as a research-project assistant beginning in 1975. The project was complex, involving the creation of an AI program that could analyze circuit diagrams. Not only did it involve an expert's command of Lisp, a programming language built specifically for AI applications, but it also required an understanding of how a human might approach the same task."

And we see the big problems happening again… people who "have fun" or "spread their ideas" on cost of ruin great platforms.

What was previously mainly a problem of big IRC networks seems to become a problem on matrix again. Trolls and idiots who don't accept that they are not wanted in a place and start ban jumping and spamming…

It's actually something that speaks against having federated channels for a business, because it's way more complicated to regulate things.

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@hinterwaeldler I used to freelance, but I am now laser focused on @pixelfed. I am surviving on savings and my patreon/liberapay for now.

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Today I learned that there are a number of Linux-based laptop shops in Europe.

Thank you,

Keep an eye on:

• StationX:
• Star Labs:
• Entroware:
• Tuxedo:
• Juno:

And with this change going on, I also switch away from travis-ci and docker hub in favor of gitlab-ci and

Both actually provide a better feature set. Both were available all the time. Now I use them :)

Happy coding!

I think almost as many people who tell you to move away from GitHub, tell you that Microsoft has changed and that you can stay there as they probably won't screw it.

To me moving away from GitHub was something I wanted to do for a while, was just too lazy to take action.

Microsoft buying GitHub gave me the needed motivation to switch away. This doesn't mean I delete my GitHub account, but it means that I found another nice place to change the world, without Microsoft :)