When you try a different hoster, install CentOS and the first thing you notice is that SELinux is not enabled… 🤦‍♂️ 🤦‍♂️ 🤦‍♂️ 🤦‍♂️ 🤦‍♂️ 🤦‍♂️


#stopDisablingSELinux #vultr #SELinux #infosec #security

I guess if you really want to see the face of surveillance capitalism, you should simple read the news from this week:



#Facebook as well as #Google pay users to give up their internet privacy completely. People route their entire web traffic through Facebook and Google and allow them to decrypt all connections.

Get away from those guys who think your life is worth around $20 per month when you give up everything…


By the way, besides that, for those of you who happen to run a blog or statically built page, that uses CI, I have some nice little commit for you:


Automated spellcheck during build ;) It's not perfect, you probably need to add a ton of words you would expect a spellchecker to pick up in its own, but once that is done, it works great.

#jekyll #Automation #spellchecking #blog #writing

Just read an article talking about upload-filters for terrorism content. The idea of every platform provider responding to and executing such a request within an hour is not only hard achieve but makes it impossible to consult a lawyer about the correctness of such a request.


Recently mailbox.org published a report saying that in 2018 they got 72 request from state institutions (to provide data in this case) and 48 were initially not valid.


One more time for all my followers who are still around:

I moved my account to an own instance: @sheogorath

I'll boost some of my posts from there, but over time this account here will become completely dead. So feel free to re-follow my new account :) Thanks.

Huh, things get even better:

When you open DDG initially (by simply visiting duckduckgo.com) it also sends a request to this "experimental search engine" guess what it sends?

I can may understand when one sends requests to do A/B testing, but why send those details **before** I even made a search request?

Just as an additional hint: While you can disable all kind of things in their settings page, this experiment which includes a counter in all their apps and services about "how many people participate in our experiment", doesn't have a switch to turn it off.

My first guess was that I messed with configs, but no, no option to disable that.

Just as hint: Security is about to enforce the border your set. Privacy is about being able to decide where those borders are.

Opps what's up here?

Duckduckgo now started to send a request to "improve.duckduckgo.com" on each search request including: The search term, the country and some other information.

The good news is that they have a document about it:

Make up your own mind about it. "Privacy by design" is their statement. Do you think that's privacy by design? uBlock Origin decided to cancel those requests on my side.

#duckduckgo #experiment #tracking

As everyone who is following me on this account has already noticed, I'm running now an own Mastodon instance.

What maybe not everyone knows, I automate my entire infrastructure with Ansible. As my Mastodon is now part of my infrastructure, it also got its own role in my infrastructure repository.


#Ansible #Mastodon #Automation #MastoAdmin

One of the best decisions I did last year was to get rid of comments and analytics on my blog.

The idea of blogging should be that you write about things that you think are important, not what you think your audience want to read. Sometimes it's maybe close, but why do you need a metric? Why would you optimize to fit into people's expectation when a blog by definition is about you, not about your audience?

I really recommend to get rid of success metrics for hobbies, they are not helpful.

If you are still following this account only, please notice that my content moved to @sheogorath

So I just published a blog post on my switch to /e/ (yet another Android fork) as mobile operating system.

Feel free to share your thoughts with me:


I guess I'll look into some low level details tomorrow. When there is something that is worth mentioning, I'll publish one more blog post.

#blog #article #android #eelo

Replaced my Smartphone OS today. From Google Android as stock to /e/ which is a quite nice experience. the launcher as well as whole base setup is very nice.

Somehow I was missing an app store, I would have expected to have F-Droid or similar installed by default, but nope. Also enabling phone encryption wasn't done by default, so I had to do it myself. Maybe because phone encryption requires a fully charged phone, and being plugged in. Anyway, quite nice so far.

#Android #smartphone

Slowly people notice that I moved on ^^

I wonder how many off my previous >300 followers make it to notice the account change.

For those who wonder, this here, is the new account.

Hello (again) world! 🎉

Decided to run an own Mastodon instance now!

With the right handling of my blog domain this now works quite good so far!

Let's see what the future brings. It's now officially my microblog.

#mastodon #selfhosting #blog #microblog

Ever met a codebase and didn't have any clue where to start to fix your problem?

This podcast talks about techniques you can use to get started in a repository:


Talking about getting started in a new codebase, how about working on CodiMD?


Anyone already running their own Matrix server for a small group of users (like, under 10) I'd love to hear about how you've done it.

Boosts welcome.

#matrix #riot

Just learned that the author has a mastodon account at: @slp

👋 Nice work! Keep it up, I look forward to it!


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