Police brutality 

to try and stop a coal mine in , as the losing battle against man made continues. brutality being used to end the protest.

"You have the power to save the world but you do nothing and leave it up to us. By the time we have the power it will be to late."


China's first climate striker warned: give it up or you can't go back to school

Sharing this about a friend of mine from near where I have been living in China.


This cannot become the new normal. Demand systematic change! Yangshuo, the town I have made my home since 2008.

Documentary by: Scott Norris supported by: Hongyi Ou


Personal single use plastic for the past 5 weeks hiding away in Thailand.

I did not set out to try and limit my plastic usage, but when I came to clear out rubbish I noticed that I had probably done better than ever before on limiting my single use plastic.


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