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article on the extraordinary claims by Chinese researchers that they can break RSA within current computing capacity.


Three years in quarantine, now the pandemic begins.

The in are so surprising to witness, this thread explains why its so so difficult to protest in china 🐦 🔗 : twitter.com/catecadell/status/

China Politics 

There are anti lockdown protests happening in many city's across including:
, and other.
I don't expect them to become anywhere near close to regime toppling. However one can be sure that the Beijing government will know them. Which may lead to a change in policy down the road. Thank you to everyone on the streets. What your doing may make a difference in a few months time.

The XinJiang data Project. Explore over 350 of the CCP's detention facilities with sat photos and 3D models.


"You have the power to save the world but you do nothing and leave it up to us. By the time we have the power it will be to late."


The best trolling today :taiwan_beer:

"In a move likely to anger Taiwan and harm regional stability, China has threatened countermeasures over U.S. Health Secretary visiting Taiwan, a COVID-19 success story."


Source:🐦 王定宇 Wang Ting-yu

New iPhone hack that can't be patched.

Xu Hao of Team Pangu at 2020 in , . Has an un-patch-able exploit for iPhones affecting possible A12/A13 or future A14 devices.

This means police could use Cellbrite to force open your device.


China's first climate striker warned: give it up or you can't go back to school

Sharing this about a friend of mine from near where I have been living in China.


XinJiang, China 

History is a mirror

They copied Nazi Germany’s propaganda video that defended concentration camps 80 years later.

So is this just temporary till after the US elections? Then the west just falls inline with Beijing again and Taiwan looses more status, or is this a sea change in geo politics in the Asia pacific region?


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