Police brutality 

to try and stop a coal mine in , as the losing battle against man made continues. brutality being used to end the protest.

Extract from @FT
article on the extraordinary claims by Chinese researchers that they can break RSA within current computing capacity.


chart of the largest economies at the end of 2022

1: US
2: China
3: Japan
4: Germany

entered the top 5 for the first time, surpassing the UK.

is 9th thanks to the strong ruble, overtaking Italy, Brazil and South Korea this year.

EU politics 

Guy Verhofstadt

The way to end the energy crisis is to help Ukraine win the war!

Weak sanctions give weak results… on both Russia and Iran!

”@所有人 防疫通知


Uyghurs, Politics 

Watch as 🇨🇳 China BLOCKS Uyghurs at 🇺🇳 @ the UN
➡️➡️➡️ Three times

🐦 twitter.com/UyghurProject/stat

Building an Arduino + battery housing for a DIY flowmeter project using 0.18 I'm thinking of trying 0.19 soon or is it better to stick with 0.18 for stability?

From a friend just now!

Plain-clothed HK popo handing out fines for mask warring offences in Hong kong.

XinJiang, China 

History is a mirror

They copied Nazi Germany’s propaganda video that defended concentration camps 80 years later.

"The ongoing protest in Thailand is a desperate cry for democracy. The Junta government has taken away our rights and freedom. Our lives and wellbeing are at risk. Please stand with us by using the hashtag"
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Absolutely no one should use this free, helpful resource to access papers behind paywalls. It hurts the huge profit margins of journals a tiny amount who steal obscene amounts of $ and therefore it is bad. Don't search for sci hub or lib gen to find the current urls!

"You do not have access to this article"

Oh yes, yes I do.

Uploading an update from today - heavy rain is causing some flooding in the closest city to Yangshuo (where the film was recorded).

Caption idea for twitter:
Incredibly, the floods may be starting again... The filmmakers share an update from the ground in China. Click here to see the full documentary: xrb.link/T5X549 Let’s shout out together and demand systematic change!



From this harrowing AP investigative report about China forcing birth control on Uighurs in Xinjiang to suppress their population growth: apnews.com/269b3de1af34e17c194


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