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Do you have any sort of review process before pushing data model changes to production?

We're working on a solution for CI pipelines to add a data profile comparison report to the PR so you can easily review how your data model changes differ from staging and production

#dataprofile #dataops #datamodeling #data #dataviz #dbt

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A great interview about data quality and the life of a DE between Juan Pablo (Amazon BI engineer) and Angela (a Sam's Club data engineer)

(sorry to share a Twitter link here, but the interview was done as a Twitter Space)

How dbt Labs demonstrates its inclusive value by correcting Taiwan in country list 💜

ISO 3166-1 country list names considered harmful. use GENC names if you work on international user-facing products.

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> Dear Reader: I think that at some point, in a civilization, there has to be trust. I think that’s maybe the main reason we have civilizations. Call me crazy.

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Hello World! is a mastodon community for Public Interest Tech folks, Civic Tech people, Govpunks, and other civillian government folks!

And it will be opening very soon!

You can head over to our website and JOIN the list to be added!

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I don’t understand why people think Mastodon is difficult. It seems pretty straightforward, and the separate servers are no biggie. I’m enjoying this fresh start here, like moving to a new apartment!

what kinds of things do you post as follower-only?

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Hey, so, we've hit 1,028,362 monthly active users across the network today. 1,124 new Mastodon servers since Oct 27, and 489,003 new users. That's pretty cool.

轉眼十年。 幾位老 g0ver 參與 了尚未名之的發想階段,以及後續社群密集發展的過程,雖然近兩三年較少貢獻,十年週期觸發了一些對發起人的提問,我們都有一點感想和整理,遂與 瞿筱葳 Kirby Wu共寫這篇文。(全文

g0v 的關鍵字:「開放」



宣言首版寫就於 2013 年初第二次黑客松後,於 2019 修訂,兩波宣言都是多人以文字將當時社群氣氛的捕捉再現。這是台灣青年以開源方式參與社會議題的真實樣貌切面,宣言中沒有寫到黑客松、科技、專案等操作應用層面,讓關鍵概念主要圍繞著「開放」和「參與」。

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尛(má)丼(don) sounds similar and the character looks decentralized, also a funny irony of 3 little rather than something big