Two stray cats followed me all the way to the entrance of my apartment today, almost let them in , it’s so hard not to fall into their cute little trap.

Cable management is HARD, hours later I only be able to get a total mess into a organized, little bit less messy shit.

The new safari seems pretty good to me, that’s enough reason for me to upgrade

Seems Apple has fixed the scroll problem in Safari with Big Sur 11.3, but thanks to that bug I am not using Safari anymore. 😂

Life pro tip: 如果家里没有头灯, 这也是一种walk around, 但是记得在手电筒上包一张纸巾, 不然你的口水会流得到处都是

看完才发现是recap episode, 不带这么玩的啊😩


应该有个toot visible 选项是”Local instance only”

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