**Indonesia shelves vote on penal code criminalizing extramarital sex**

"Indonesian President Joko Widodo on Friday ordered a delay in a parliamentary vote on a new penal code criminalizing sex outside marriage and same-sex relations, which has been criticized by rights groups as an…"


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No additional #tariffs on made-in-#China Tiki Torches as the #Trump administration exempts over 400 consumer articles from new tariffs. Why Tiki Torches? Well, the despicable manchild in chief certainly does not want his most avid fanboys (#whitesupremacists) to pay the bill for his ongoing "easy to win" #tradewar. Make hateful fuckheads great again? #racism

The KDE community endorses the Global Climate Strike tomorrow, September 20th. See kde.org

"There is no Free Software on a dead planet."

Find your local march on globalclimatestrike.net/


An interesting book about Sierra On-Line based on first hand interviews with people who worked there is looking to get crowdfunded:

KDE Plasma 5.17 Beta is out now!
⚙️ Thunderbolt device management
⚙️ Night Color on X11
⚙️ Redesigned settings pages
⚙️ Fractional scaling on Wayland
⚙️ ...and more

📅 You have three weeks to test it until the final release.

kinmen.altervista.org/node/210 La storia segreta della 45ª divisione di Láo Shēng-huán ed il suo ruolo nella battaglia di Gǔníngtóu - 勞聲寰將軍的四十五師在古寧頭

Many other packages were updated in @opensuse Tumbleweed this week like glib, libvirt, libsoup, GTK and more - bit.ly/2m1DVWI

Open Letter from GNU Propaganda

Hello Free Software Lovers,

These past few days have brought us a plenty mixed emotions. The situation with Richard M. Stallman's comments on the MIT CSAIL mailing list has been extremely troubling to many of us. However much I think plenty of us are confused by these recent events, I wish to bring us some light.


AuroraDroid – FOSS app store for Android:


– It is compatible with F-Droid repos, and comes with many more repos by default.
– Its UI is similar to AuroraStore (another app to access Google Play without Google Play Store).
– Available on F-Droid, or via GitLab (gitlab.com/AuroraOSS/auroradro).

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Open Source Game Clones: a website listing remakes, clones, and similar open-source games to classic titles.

Joshua Wong: Now is the Collapse of the One Country Two Systems

Tor Project :tor: : Updates from the Onion (August 2019)


– Details on recent updates and upcoming features (including Tor Browser for Android).
– They consider switching from FF ESR to FF since FF is more secure than ESR.
– Tor Browser 9.0 is scheduled for October 2019, bringing an improved user interface.
– Infos about Snowflake (snowflake.torproject.org/)

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From Telegram group: t.me/apertus

Collaboration efforts are being made with the @FreeCAD community Re converting all relevant AXIOM Beta camera design files to freecad.

Thread: forum.freecadweb.org/viewtopic

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be excellent to each other