Hi there, Merveilles! My name is Eden (They / She) and I'm an artist exploring complex feelings with simple shapes.

If you'd like to see more of my work, you can do so at helveticablanc.com

I'm excited to be a part of this instance! 💞


Ronin institute, a group of scholars no need of university, just like those masterless samurai, super cool


Just watched my favorite guitarist Yvette Young's virtual guitar clinic and feel full of determination


用 pandas.read_csv 讀老舊的 csv 檔,居然在欄位中偷藏逗號,還好有發現資料數量不對

@Tmonk 我個人喜歡訂閱電子報,之前主要靠訂閱英文電子報學英文,大公司跟一些比較注重內容的自媒體創作者也都有出電子報,獲得可靠消息的速度有時候比社群網站快。覺得RSS這點挺有趣的,言論自由問題越嚴重,越把人們逼回去使用年代較久遠的技術


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